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State of Affairs

We are 3 months away from a proposed release-date. So lets see, where we stand.

We have 2 major strings of action we need to work on simultaniously: Setting up infrastructure and preparing for release. The infrastructure is basicaly done, mostly needs a broom and a brush for some paint. We have set up:

  • new website incl forum in 2 languages [de/en]
  • new blog (this one here) in 2 languages [de/en]
  • Chili developement plattform
  • Buildserver (Hetzner EQ6, 2 x 1.5 TB Raid1,  Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quadcore, 12 GByte Ram)

The new website will be based on Joomla CMS and comes in DE/EN. The integrated forum also comes in both languages, where the user can choose, which language he wants to see, also giving the alternative to see both together. This was a always asked-for feature in the old forum, so we will implement it in the new one. The blog works as expected and got language-separated not long ago [thxx agaida]. Both, website and blog will move to the webspace where resides now, shortly before initial release.

Chili Developement Plattform will be mostly stripped of its present functionality. The only thing it will be used for will be as our bug- and issue-tracker. We will see where this will be hosted.

The buildserver (now payed for by  ab, a core-member, as well as the webspace) will house the build-environment [pyfll, pbuilder] for kernel- and iso-building. Software needs to be set up still, we just got the server 2 days ago. The final images for releases will be spread from there as well as kernels. I will post you on the developement there when it’s finaly set up. We will need to get the financial aspects of the buildserver and webspace straight and/or find sponsored substitutes.

On the developement side of things some guys from dev-team [edhunter, xweber, matthias, hamatoma, zappo] are working on a new (and i mean new) installer frontend. towo and me are sifting through the packages we fork from aptosid that need changes in naming, copyright etc. My plan is to start building from 2011-11-1, so we have the better part of 2 months for testing. So, lets see, how that goes.

Early Morning Thoughts

During the past weeks, at least once a day i asked myself why am i, why are we doing this. This happens in situations, where software fights back and spits you in the face, situations where you ask yourself, on what drugs the creator of that piece of software might have been. Late last night i had such a situation with Joomla. Something works in the english part, but not, with exact same parameters, in the german section. You check 3 times, that the sattings are identical and save them and after doing it right for 3 times, it suddenly works…

We all know these situations, where you doubt, if what you are doing is worthwhile the pain. In the end its not money driving us, its an ambitious hobby, you do it for strangers that might become community members, some even friends.

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Our Blog got a Workover

After a few days of downtime or partial downtime WordPress has surrendered to agaidas thorough strive to have this blog bilangual in german and english. The english section is availabe at, whereas the germal part is at some minor work is still to be done, in the backend as well as visualy, but no more downtime is to be expected. Thanks agaida for not giving up 🙂

First IRC-Tutorial

Tonight we had a first IRC-Tutorial  on OFTC Network, channel #siduction-college.

hamatoma prepared and held a first lecture. His topic was GIT for beginners. we chose GIT as first topic because everyone who wants to contribute to siduction will have to know at least the basics of GIT. I have put the log of the session online. Thanks to hamatoma and helpers for this great job.

A follow-up tutorial, building on the one from today, will be held next monday 2011-09-26 at CET 21:00 in #siduction-college. A 3rd one is held one week later, same time, same place


Name-dropping is always nice, the more so, if done by the DPL himself. Not too long ago i did an interview with him for an essay on german linux magazine LinuxUser on the history of debian derivative distributions. The last chapter is still unwritten, as Debian Rolling, the derivative from inside, so to speak, is still unreleased. So, as my essay waits for reality to catch up, zack approached me today, asking if it was ok to release at least the interview we had had, on Planet Debian, so to maybe push Debian Rolling (and with that, my essay) a bit.

Of course, after reading it over again, i had no objections against publication, given the fact, that noone knows if and when Debian Rolling will materialize, and, in the course of that, my article with the interview will be published. So, here is at least for now,  Stefano’s thoughts on my questions on debian derivative distributions. He was nice enough, probably after he stopped shaking his head on another fork,  to mention our little project as well, as he of course had learned the news from the debian derivatives mailing list.

Sailing into new waters with Joomla

As i promised, or threatened, depending on the readers preference, i am switching this blog to english. Do not hesitate to let me know if you translated an article, i will gladly add it.

Topic of this one here  is the CMS,  and the representation of siduction through it. Not long ago i suggested, we should leave Zikula (the CMS behind sidux/aptosid) behind and move on to something fresh for several reasons. Having administered Zikula for some years, i see only one advantage of said CMS: its very safe. That is an important feature, but not everything. Zikula is complicated while being not as flexible as i would expect. Plus cutting ties to Zikula cuts ties to the past.

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Making Friends

You’re always supposed to have a good relationship with your parents. I tried to befriend our parents, Debian, today by sending notice of our ‘soon to come’ existence to the Debian Derivatives mailing list. My reasoning was, the sooner the better. I was aware, there would be mockery about another fork from the group of people that already forked Kanotix and sidux. Mockery came mostly from the ‘german cabal’, the drivatives IRC channel and others were more professional. The expected argument: “Why not within Debian?” was and still is discussed on the list. In the end, my hope is, there will be a fruitfull relationship, that pays off for both, Debian and siduction.

Wir haben ein Logo…

Wir haben ein Logo, und Klarheit über einige andere Fragen. die Wahl des Logos ging recht schnell, gewonnen hat ‘the dots’:

Darauf aufbauend kann nun ein Farbschema und das weitere Corporate Design angegangen werden.

Das 2-wöchentliche Core Meeting hatte heute eine volle Agenda. Ein wesentlicher Diskussionspunkt war die Frage, ob zikula als unser CMS beibehalten wird oder ob wir zu Joomla oder etwas anderem wechseln wollen. Zu Joomla ist noch zu klären, wie es bei Version 1.7 mit der Sicherheit ausschaut und wie das integrierte Forum skaliert. Vorteil von Joomla ist bestimmt, dass viele Leute es gut kennen, denn wir brauchen Webdesigner. Wer also da helfen kann oder auch die Frage der Sicherheit beleuchten kann, oder weiss, wie man phpBB3 nativ in Joomla einbindet, kann sich gerne bei mir oder im IRC #siduction-art melden.

Ansonsten war ein wichtiger Punkt, wie wir das Projekt weiter internationalisieren können. Im Rahmen dieser Diskussion wird dies der letzte Eintrag auf deutsch sein, ich werde auf EN umstellen. Ich hoffe, ihr versteht das.

Beide Meetings wurden mitgeloggt, und online gestellt:  Logo Decision Log  | Core-Team Meeting Log

Themen der Core-Team Sitzung am So.11.09.2011

Wie schon an anderer Stelle erwähnt, haben wir am So. 11.09 unsere turnusmäßige (2-wöchentlich) Core-Team Sitzung. Dieses Mal haben wir sie erweitert und die Wahl des endgültigen Logos um 20:00 davorgesetzt.

Die Themen des eigentlichen Meetings:

  • Ein Mirror-Team wurde erstellt, es muss mit Leben befüllt werden. Was brauchen wir an Spiegelservern? Wer kümmert sich?
  • Regeln und Zuständigkeiten für das Handling von Domains (z.B. Erstellen von Subdomains, Umbiegen von DNS)
  • Fertigstellung der map of siduction (statische Seite mit allen relevanten Infos, URLs, Ansprechpartner etc
  • Sollen wir bei zikula bleiben oder zu einem freundlichen CMS wie Joomla wechseln?
  • Wenn zikula, dann sollten wir eine Startseite für statischen Content erstellen?
  • Was soll auf den neuen Build-Server und was nicht?

Zuhörer sind gerne gesehen, die Sitzung ist öffentlich und findet am So. abend ab 20:00 (Wahl des Logos) und ab 21:00 das eigentliche Meeting statt.

Die Entscheidungen zur Infrastruktur wären damit dann soweit getroffen, dass wir uns bald an die eigentliche Arbeit machen können.

Logo Vorauswahl

Gestern abend haben Art-Team und Core die Anzahl der Logos für die abschliessende Wahl am Sonntag abend von über 30 auf 12 reduziert. Am Sonntag wählt dann Core das endgültige Logo, so dass wir dann mit dem Artwork vorwärts kommen. Für die Wahl wird jedes Core-Mitglied eine Liste von seinen 5 Favoriten abgeben, deren Quersumme dann in einer Eliminatorwahl bis zum Sieger reduziert werden.

In anderen Teams wird natürlich auch fleissig gearbeitet. Für das neue Installer-Frontend wird ein Proof-of-Cocept erstelllt. Ansonsten wird das aptosid-Erbe gesichtet und Brauchbares bereinigt.