Sailing into new waters with Joomla

As i promised, or threatened, depending on the readers preference, i am switching this blog to english. Do not hesitate to let me know if you translated an article, i will gladly add it.

Topic of this one here  is the CMS,  and the representation of siduction through it. Not long ago i suggested, we should leave Zikula (the CMS behind sidux/aptosid) behind and move on to something fresh for several reasons. Having administered Zikula for some years, i see only one advantage of said CMS: its very safe. That is an important feature, but not everything. Zikula is complicated while being not as flexible as i would expect. Plus cutting ties to Zikula cuts ties to the past.

For a fresh start i recommended Joomla, as it has developed a lot in the last year or 2, and i have to learn how to work it for a job project anyways. We agreed on giving it a thorough beating in the next weeks, but it seems to be what we want already. The forum software we decided on is Kunena. Powerful and scalable, it just needs a nice design. Should we have anyone in the community that knows (parts of) Joomla, please speak up if you like, we need YOU 🙂

Speaking of design…

Art-Team has been creative again, mocking up new webdesign ideas. Please have a look and comment on the ones you like/dislike. We will, adequately to what we did for the distro-name and logo, vote on a subset of these mockups on Sun, 2011-09-25 at 20:00 UTC in #siduction-core, preliminary to the fortnightly core meeting. The meeting is open and everyone is welcome to join. See you there.

One thought on “Sailing into new waters with Joomla

  1. xadras

    Das Problem war meines Erachtens nie Zikula sondern die Struktur und das Design der Seite.


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