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Sunday Meetings

There was 3 meetings scheduled for me today. Two actualy happened, one needed to be canceled due to lack of participants.

The 2 that took place were: the first debian-derivatives meeting, set up by Paul Wise (pabs) and Karl Goetz (Kamping Kaiser) who both did a lot of work to set up infrastructure for derivatives frontdesk to work properly. Meetbot was used for the meeting and the relevant links are:

Minutes (text):

The 2nd meeting was our fortnightly core-meeting. The log is also online. The 3rd meeting didnt happen and was postponed, date still needs to be fixed. We wanted to do a package-review of the stuff we touched during the last 2 weeks to see where we stand here. We will hold this meeting within the next days and i shall let you know the outcome.

An important step towards a release

Last night we finaly decided on a Corporate Design for siduction. it was high time, as the different samples we had grew in numbers and quality, but there was not much of common grounds in the core-team. So, last night we did a quick&dirty eliminator-vote without much further discussion, and tada…, after about 1 hour we had a winner.

and the winner is a design that coruja did. congrats on that, a good choice, as far sa i am concerned. The other contestants can be found in Outtakes. As you can see, we had a lot of high quality drafts, which did not make it easier to make a sane choice that looks good and works as Corporate Design without hiring a dozen of web-developers.

If in retrospection we look on the past months, we might find, the vote on the design was the hardest one to make, even harder that the one on the name. Whatever makes it so hard to decide on art, its behind us now. We took a deep breath after it was done. Now lets move on. The log is, as always, online

Besides the eyecandy (well, its really much more than that) a lot of work went into forking packages and the new installer, as can be seen in the timeline of our git repository.

Booting GPT-Disks with a standard BIOS

Here is a little howto on the topic. I also added this to my (german) article on successfuly setting up and running Solid State Drives under Linux

GPT with U-EFI just works, as GPT is part of the EFI-specification.
Booting a GPT-device with a standard BIOS sometimes needs a bootflag, but more often needs a bios_grub flag, respectively a bios-boot-partition. Thats where Grub Stage 2 resides (Stage 1 is within the MBR). But as with Grub2,  Stage 2 does not fit inside the MBR, it resides right behind the MBR. This space does not exist with GPT-disks. So here we need a small  bios-boot-partition. A few kb would be enough, but to stick to the alignment, specialy for SSD, we should choose 1 MByte here. Both GParted and gdisk know how to handle bios-boot-partitions.

In GParted, just create an unformatted partition of 1 MByte size and flag it as bios_grub flag.  In gdisk, you create a partition and make it of Type EF02

Some Useful Links to the siduction Djungle

Let me today spread a link or 2 that might help you find your way around siduction and keep on top of what is happening.

The first one is siduction-map, which shows domains, subdomains, IRC-Channels and mailing lists we have at the moment. it will grow with the project. Link No. 2 shows the git activity within the project for those that wish to follow a bit closer. This link so far shows mostly infrastructural changes and commits from the art-team, but developement towards an initial release will pick up soonish on there.

Both links at the moment require you to register on our developement platform Chili. This might be uncomfortable for now, but the siduction map will move to the new website as soon as it goes online. The git activity will stay on Chili, as its part of the developement, as is the bugtracker that will be hosted within Chili as well. Sorry for the inconvinience.

Last but not least let me point you to our IRC-Logs, that cover all the meetings we held so far, plus, later on tonite, 3 logs from IRC-Tutorials held in #siduction-college

Developer Meeting ‘Roadmap to Release’

We just finished a dev-meeting to try and get a firmer grip on the timeline and the workload that stands between us and a release. Let me say a few words on the respective topics.

  • Setting up the Buildserver

We agreed on aptosid as the operating system for the build-server. It is known to just work well with pyfll. We will swap it for siduction after the initial release.

  • What is the state of the Installer-Frontend

The installer-frontend is mostly ready.The CSS needs to be done still as part of the Corporate Design.

  • How will it play with the Backend

We need to work on the calls of the backend-routines. This will be done in 2-3 weeks.

  • What is the state of the packages from fullstory that need be forked?

There is work to be done on the packages we need to fork and on the package lists. I will try to provide an estimate of the workload within a week.

  • Repository ready for primetime?

The package repository is good to go.

  • Mirrors

We learned, that GoingEasy9 dug up 3 mirrors in the US of A. they are pull-mirrors with daily rsync runs. We need a mirror or 2 in Germany to start off. One of them needs to be a push-mirror. We can try Braunschweig or Chemnitz Universities or NetCologne (i have contacts there).

We agreed, we are still within our timeline for a release in 2011 (if sid is tame)

The log of the meeting is available in the Chili Wiki.

We also had a Core-Team Meeting on several topic tonight. The log is online .

siduction Developer Meeting

On Sunday, 2011-10-09 at 19:00 UTC +2 we have a developer- and core-team meetíng on IRC OFTC in #siduction-dev. Its time to finalize plans on how to move towards a release in less then 3 months. Topics wil include:

  • Setting up the Buildserver
  • What is the state of the Installer-Frontend
  • How will it play with the Backend
  • What is the state of the packages from fullstory that need be forked?
  • What is our proposed Release-Kernel?
  • Repository ready for primetime?
  • Mirrors?

The meetig is open, visitors invited. There will, as always, be a log of the meeting available afterwards