Monthly Archives: November 2011

Picking Up Speed

If you’d asked me a couple days ago, if i thought, we could release this year, i would have been unsure, what to say. Since then, we picked up speed and took some important steps. What happened? On Sunday night we had our regular core-meeting with the main topics being: why is development stalling a bit and how can we get packaging and joomla-templating on rails to move on.

Since then, we have made good progress. 90% of needed packages are in our repo and first test-builds worked out. Worked out as far as that they boot. Which is great. Problems are gfxboot (broken atm) kdm and gdm graphics. We will be working on these now. We also found someone that can help us to edit the default joomla-template to our needs and still keep our changes after joomla-upgrades.

As soon as our builds look and work a  bit like we expect them to do, we will widen the circle of testers by providing a download-link for the iso to selected testers to get more feedback. This will be continued until we release a first release candidate. Lets see how fast we get along. anyways, right now my faith in a release in 2011 is renewed 🙂

Money makes the world go round

Money is, as everywhere else, the motor for many things in Open Source and Free Software also. The difference is, we do not get payed, and money for developement, hardware etc is donated by users who like to see the project prosper. So let me, after ~ 3 months, in the sense of openness, inform you about how much money we received from users that donated without us having anything usable to give back so far.

On the money side, 6 users donated 247,47 € to the accounts of, who are handling our donations. as they do with the european assets for debian. A very generous donation comes from a longtime user of our preceding distributions. He took over payment for our developement server for 2 complete years, which sums up to more than 1500 €. We want to thank every donator very much for the trust they put in us. So far we did not need to spend anything, but in spring of 2012 we will need banners, hardware, merchandise and the like for promoting at Linux conventions. If we have a real moneyflow in/out, i will inform you more detailed with spreadsheets about what we spend your money for. So, please keep it coming 🙂

Getting Bitten by Perl

As if we did not have enough work to do, a perl-transition bites us from behind, preventing we can start building iso-images for testing. All packages listed in that link need to be rebuilt against the new perl version before sid repository will allow building with pyfll. Well, that leaves us some days to get packages built. A lot of work was done to sidu-installer during the week. It basicaly works fine after we did test & fix runs to get a lot of small negligence bugs fixed. Now it needs a bit of CSS-Love and be done with. Also, in the course of the week, kdm and ksplash gave 2 guys from the art team a lot of headaches. But now all is fine there as well.

Last night we also had a quick session to decide on fonts we want to use. That decision was needed for us to get on with the Corporate Desing paper. For text we will use Droid Sans by Google, which is under the Apache License, which makes it usable for us. It helps with being barrier free, as it offers good readability in small fontsizes. So, lets hope, perl transitions without further problems and be done in a few days.

Sunday Night Meeting for Core, Dev and Art Teams

I have been a bit silent for the last 2 weeks. Everyone had things in real life to keep them away from the fun-stuff. So last night i had called for a roundup to get an overview and see what is left to do. From the outcome of last nights meeting, my estimate is, we are a week or 2 behind the schedule. That means we can still release this year, as there is a buffer in the build- and testphase.

Our new buildserver is set up and already in use. Towo built a first kernel on there today with a nice buildtime: real 9m7.271s. Everything, that needed to be forked, is done. We now need to build packages and upload to our repository. So, in a few days we will be able to start building iso-images and do a lot of testing.

Builds will be installable from the start, as our new installer-frontend basicaly gotfinished last night. Its a webfrontend with its own dedicated little webserver. So that will also see a lot of testing soon.

The second string of action is art for release and infrastructure. Here we are hanging behind a bit more. We need to pour the Cororate Design Paper into html,css,js,php and the like. Besides that we need to take care of release art.

The art-team have been working on KDM Login Screen for almost a week. Now we know why most distros just place a box in the middle of the screen. Anything besides that is a lot of work. Xml needs to be married to KDE standards. This tutorial gives you an idea of the task. Once you wrap your brain around their box-model and how things are inherited, you won.

When it comes to mirrors, we could release in a few days. We got one server in DE (TU Brunswick) that we will push to, 2 mirrors in the USA and one in Brasil, that will pull from the german server. Thats sufficient for a start. Brazil is very dedicated and already building a community around the hot air we produced so far. They have a forum set up and are good to go.

We also decided, how our releases will be named. We will use titles of famous rock songs as release names and the corresponding wallpaper will illustrate the title. So last night we decided on ‘One Step Beyond’ by Madness as first release name. Releases will also be numbered of course. so the first one will be called something like ‘siduction-11.01 One Step Beyond’

So now lets hope, the planet is still in one piece and sid a nice boy towards the end of the year 🙂

A log of last nights meeting is, as always, online