Monthly Archives: December 2012

Ho ho ho, it’s Christmas time…

…and we have a little present for you guys. No one believed it would still come, but here it is: a Gnome3 release for the holidays to play with. The release notes are on our website as are the downloads. There  is also a torrent available.

Whoever is not interested in installing Gnome will find a X-mas art theme with

apt-get update && apt-cache search siduction-art | grep xmas

Happy holidays to all our users and everyone else on the planet, your families and loved ones.

Release Notes for the first development release of siduction-Gnome 2012.2.5

We are very happy to ship a Christmas present to you today that took a couple of years to be delivered. The wish for a Gnome release grew, while sidux was still around. Back in the day, Gnome2 would easily break on upgrades to Debian unstable, so no one ever wanted to maintain that. Things got better over time and for the last three years one person was perpetually nagging us to do this release, and here it is. Angelescu Ovidiu (convbsd) is the man, and he will also maintain it.
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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Today is Setting Orange, the 63rd day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3178 (man ddate) . As we all know, the world is coming to an end today.  Even though U.S Government is telling us, it’s not happening, what do they know? 😉

So we prepared a little endtime art. We uploaded this as an art package, so if you like to install it, do

apt-get update && apt-cache search siduction-art | grep eow 


Let’s hope, the Mayans knew nothing about calendars. 🙂

So long and thanks for all the fish.

siduction 2012.2 – Riders on the Storm is out

We uploaded the final images for siduction 2012.2 – Riders on the Storm last night to the mirrors. We hope, we fixed all issues that you had found in the release candidates. The release notes can be found on our website and the images are ready for download. Torrents will be added during the day. I hope, you will get fun and productivity out of this release. Also be prepared for a little surprise for Christmas.

Happy computing, everyone.

siduction-2012-2.0~rc2 has landed

Last night we pushed the 2nd release candidate of siduction-2012-2.0 to the mirrors. As we fixed quite a few bugs from RC1, we thought it a good idea to have a second one to make sure, our fixes apply to as much hardware as possible.

The things we fixed include:

  • The bluewater manual is now available in romanian language, closes #998
  • fw-detect works again as expected for installing non-free firmware
  • Creation of sources.list during building the images got an overhaul, closes #997
  • new upstrem for wbar, wbar-config added, closes #978
  • added correct firmware-link for AR7010+AR9287 devices to fw-detect
  • switched to kickoff menu for KDE
  • fixed VG default size of 4 GB for LVM, closes #974
  • added ntfs-config for easier configuration of ntfs file system

The full release notes are available on the website as are the images for direct download or as torrent.