Monthly Archives: August 2013

Ladies and gents, roll up your pants – the shit’s getting deep

In the wake of the scandal about PRISM, the NSA and their buddies from Great Britain and elsewhere, we have witnessed some services on the internet folding. In the past two weeks two services offering encrypted mail closed shop. Lavabit being the first, giving up after 10 years to protect their customers. Lavabit came into focus of the government because Edward Snowden used it for his emails. Obviously Ladar Levison, who founded the service, was forced to “voluntarily” give up his service. The second one is Silent Circle, a company co-founded by crypto-gurus Phil Zimmerman and Jon Callas. They also shut down their pgp-encrypted email service, while they are working on a mail client based on P2P that will leave no data to retrieve. CEO Michel Janke lets us know in a very interesting video-interview, what he sees happening. Continue reading