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siduction 2012.2 – Riders on the Storm is out

We uploaded the final images for siduction 2012.2 – Riders on the Storm last night to the mirrors. We hope, we fixed all issues that you had found in the release candidates. The release notes can be found on our website and the images are ready for download. Torrents will be added during the day. I hope, you will get fun and productivity out of this release. Also be prepared for a little surprise for Christmas.

Happy computing, everyone.

siduction-2012-2.0~rc2 has landed

Last night we pushed the 2nd release candidate of siduction-2012-2.0 to the mirrors. As we fixed quite a few bugs from RC1, we thought it a good idea to have a second one to make sure, our fixes apply to as much hardware as possible.

The things we fixed include:

  • The bluewater manual is now available in romanian language, closes #998
  • fw-detect works again as expected for installing non-free firmware
  • Creation of sources.list during building the images got an overhaul, closes #997
  • new upstrem for wbar, wbar-config added, closes #978
  • added correct firmware-link for AR7010+AR9287 devices to fw-detect
  • switched to kickoff menu for KDE
  • fixed VG default size of 4 GB for LVM, closes #974
  • added ntfs-config for easier configuration of ntfs file system

The full release notes are available on the website as are the images for direct download or as torrent.


siduction 2012.2.0~rc1 released

Last night we released the first (and probably only) release candidate for siduction 2012.2.0. Our website has the release notes and the download section for you. As promised, there is an extra folder for torrents, which might take some hours to propagate to the mirrors, as it was just now set up. Please test this RC and report any bugs either to the forum or our dev-platform. Have fun.

XFCE 4.10 for siduction

As Debian will not ship XFCE 4.10 in unstable until after Wheezy was released and this is very unlikely to happen before spring 2013, (460 RC-Bugs to fix) we decided that we want XFCE 4.10 now for our users. Parts of it are suffering bitrot in experimental, others needed to be packaged still.

We are happy to let our XFCE users update their installations now (thanks to agaida and towo). All you need to do is, as root:

echo deb unstable main \
     > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xfcenext.list

That will put a file called xfcenext.list into your sources.list.d folder and write the appropriate line to it. Then you can install or update an existing XFCE with:

apt-get update && apt-get install xfce4

The repository itself can be  found on our repository listing for amd64 or i386

Have fun with your shiny new XFCE.

Best practice with mirrors and torrents

With a new release coming up and our userbase growing, let me drop some words on best practices for downloading our images and keeping your installation uptodate by dist-upgrade.

When it comes to downloading our images, we have, along with our latest release yesterday, established the offer to download our iso-images per torrent from the minute they hit the mirrors.  On the server you see, among the other files, a torrent file for each architecture.  With the next release the torrent files will be in a separate directory, so they are easier to find. Team members will be seeding right from the beginning to try and help with giving you a fast download for the iso-files.

We recommend you to use this method, specially if you do not have one of our mirrors close to you.  But to reach broad distribution, we need you to also seed the files. So, even if you want your image straight away and decide to pull it per ftp/http from the mirrors, please consider to help us seeding the files during their lifetime.

Torrents make it not only easier for you to download our images in areas with no mirror close up, but also help us keeping our servers operating at decent speed. We have 10 TByte Traffic for free per month. If we exceed that limit, our speed will be capped drasticaly from 250 MBit/s to 10 MBit/s.

This is also important when it comes to what servers you use in your sources.list. We recommend you use one of the repositories mentioned on the mirror-webpage instead of pulling directly from

We are constantly trying to find new mirrors to host our images and repositories. Should you know, who would be willing and able to host siduction (either images or repositories, preferrably both) in your country, please let us know.

Yay, Razor-qt 0.5 released

Razor-qt 0.5Last night the developers of the Razor-qt desktop environment released version 0.5. Since the release of 0.4 almost 10 month passed by, in which, besides beautitication and bugfixing, a handful of new components were crafted. These are:

  • razor-lightdm-greeter for lightdm greeter on razorqt/qt4 based desktop
  • razor-notificationd. A tool to handle notifications over razor desktop
  • razor-openssh-askpass helper (deactivated by default)
  • razor-confupdate to update older config files
  • razor-appeareance gui to support config theming
  • razor-globalkeyshortcuts for keyboard shortcut configuration

Also a bunch of new panel plugins were crafted:

  • cpu monitor applet
  • lm sensor applet
  • volume control applet that supports alsa or pulseaudio
  • color picker
  • network monitor

Most of the big distributions have packages for Razor-qt ready for their users. As Debian is not on the list yet, we at siduction put out a developenment release in the summer, based on Razor-qt 0.4. We will add Razor-qt to our regular release schedule and hopefully see a release at the end of October or early in November. Some other distros also have Live-CDs based on 0.4 for evaluation.

Siduction users will not have to wait that long for updated packages in our repositories. Expect those sometime during the next few days.