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Translators needed

We need translators and language-maintainers for the bluewater manual. Languages in need of help are Dansk, Dutch, Czech, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Ukranian, These translations of the manual are mostly done 99%, but need to be reviewed and adopted for siduction and maintained from there on. We also need someone to coordinate the effort.

I am right now reviewing German and English, so those 2 could be used as reference for future reviewers/translators/maintainers. Technical knowhow needed besides the respective language skills is handling Git. We will do lectures in #siduction-college to make you fit for the job in no time. So, please decide to give back and put some time into this very fine manual. Right now we have only DE, EN and PT_BR online and hope, with your help, to get the others online soon.

Also, whoever feels he wants to put some time into working on the CSS of the manual, please speak up 🙂