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Plans for siduction 2012.1

In our last Core-Meeting on Sunday night we tried to win first perspectives for our 2nd release, siduction 2012.1 ‘Desperado’. Up to now it is just vague ideas, but as feature freeze is on April 1, we have to substantiate these ideas soon. We are testing Network-Manager at the moment and if it has improved enough to do what we need, we will ship it. We need to find a way to keep ceni enabled though for those who prefer to use that.

The state of razorqt in a month from now needs to be seen, right now it still needs some improvement even for a developement-release. It works fine with kwin, but that is not the idea. It should make use of openbox or eggwm, and both are as of now a bit flaky. So razorqt might be delayed to 2012.2.

In other news, we will have our first official appearance on the upcoming weekend with a booth, neighbouring the debian one on CLT 2012. Thanks to the success of our donation-sprint we have all the PR material we need plus we can offer t-shirts and usb-sticks to our visistors. We also had all the hardware we need donated. If you are in the area, feel free to come see us and say hello.