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Developer Meeting ‘Roadmap to Release’

We just finished a dev-meeting to try and get a firmer grip on the timeline and the workload that stands between us and a release. Let me say a few words on the respective topics.

  • Setting up the Buildserver

We agreed on aptosid as the operating system for the build-server. It is known to just work well with pyfll. We will swap it for siduction after the initial release.

  • What is the state of the Installer-Frontend

The installer-frontend is mostly ready.The CSS needs to be done still as part of the Corporate Design.

  • How will it play with the Backend

We need to work on the calls of the backend-routines. This will be done in 2-3 weeks.

  • What is the state of the packages from fullstory that need be forked?

There is work to be done on the packages we need to fork and on the package lists. I will try to provide an estimate of the workload within a week.

  • Repository ready for primetime?

The package repository is good to go.

  • Mirrors

We learned, that GoingEasy9 dug up 3 mirrors in the US of A. they are pull-mirrors with daily rsync runs. We need a mirror or 2 in Germany to start off. One of them needs to be a push-mirror. We can try Braunschweig or Chemnitz Universities or NetCologne (i have contacts there).

We agreed, we are still within our timeline for a release in 2011 (if sid is tame)

The log of the meeting is available in the Chili Wiki.

We also had a Core-Team Meeting on several topic tonight. The log is online .

siduction Developer Meeting

On Sunday, 2011-10-09 at 19:00 UTC +2 we have a developer- and core-team meetíng on IRC OFTC in #siduction-dev. Its time to finalize plans on how to move towards a release in less then 3 months. Topics wil include:

  • Setting up the Buildserver
  • What is the state of the Installer-Frontend
  • How will it play with the Backend
  • What is the state of the packages from fullstory that need be forked?
  • What is our proposed Release-Kernel?
  • Repository ready for primetime?
  • Mirrors?

The meetig is open, visitors invited. There will, as always, be a log of the meeting available afterwards

State of Affairs

We are 3 months away from a proposed release-date. So lets see, where we stand.

We have 2 major strings of action we need to work on simultaniously: Setting up infrastructure and preparing for release. The infrastructure is basicaly done, mostly needs a broom and a brush for some paint. We have set up:

  • new website incl forum in 2 languages [de/en]
  • new blog (this one here) in 2 languages [de/en]
  • Chili developement plattform
  • Buildserver (Hetzner EQ6, 2 x 1.5 TB Raid1,  Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quadcore, 12 GByte Ram)

The new website will be based on Joomla CMS and comes in DE/EN. The integrated forum also comes in both languages, where the user can choose, which language he wants to see, also giving the alternative to see both together. This was a always asked-for feature in the old forum, so we will implement it in the new one. The blog works as expected and got language-separated not long ago [thxx agaida]. Both, website and blog will move to the webspace where siduction.org resides now, shortly before initial release.

Chili Developement Plattform will be mostly stripped of its present functionality. The only thing it will be used for will be as our bug- and issue-tracker. We will see where this will be hosted.

The buildserver (now payed for by  ab, a core-member, as well as the webspace) will house the build-environment [pyfll, pbuilder] for kernel- and iso-building. Software needs to be set up still, we just got the server 2 days ago. The final images for releases will be spread from there as well as kernels. I will post you on the developement there when it’s finaly set up. We will need to get the financial aspects of the buildserver and webspace straight and/or find sponsored substitutes.

On the developement side of things some guys from dev-team [edhunter, xweber, matthias, hamatoma, zappo] are working on a new (and i mean new) installer frontend. towo and me are sifting through the packages we fork from aptosid that need changes in naming, copyright etc. My plan is to start building from 2011-11-1, so we have the better part of 2 months for testing. So, lets see, how that goes.