Yay, Razor-qt 0.5 released

Razor-qt 0.5Last night the developers of the Razor-qt desktop environment released version 0.5. Since the release of 0.4 almost 10 month passed by, in which, besides beautitication and bugfixing, a handful of new components were crafted. These are:

  • razor-lightdm-greeter for lightdm greeter on razorqt/qt4 based desktop
  • razor-notificationd. A tool to handle notifications over razor desktop
  • razor-openssh-askpass helper (deactivated by default)
  • razor-confupdate to update older config files
  • razor-appeareance gui to support config theming
  • razor-globalkeyshortcuts for keyboard shortcut configuration

Also a bunch of new panel plugins were crafted:

  • cpu monitor applet
  • lm sensor applet
  • volume control applet that supports alsa or pulseaudio
  • color picker
  • network monitor

Most of the big distributions have packages for Razor-qt ready for their users. As Debian is not on the list yet, we at siduction put out a developenment release in the summer, based on Razor-qt 0.4. We will add Razor-qt to our regular release schedule and hopefully see a release at the end of October or early in November. Some other distros also have Live-CDs based on 0.4 for evaluation.

Siduction users will not have to wait that long for updated packages in our repositories. Expect those sometime during the next few days.

This post is also available in Deutsch.

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