Infrastructural changes

Since recent events forced us to switch over to new servers, we are still in the process of setting all this up. We have two new servers in the process of setup. The build server is sponsored by IP Projects, the web server is paid for by us. Our biggest problem with the situation was having two servers ready, but our domain being beyond our control at this point.

Since we probably will not gain control over those domains (siduction de, org, eu) before mid-September, we had to acquire a new domain for the timespan from when the old web server is turned off until we get control over our regular domains. So starting from June 16 the new web server will serve its content under the temporary URL The old URL might work for some time but will eventually be shut down, the point in time for that being outside our control. So, we recommend switching to the new one starting June 16 on. You may visit the new URL already and tell us how you like our new landing page and forum, but be aware that the content is not up-to-date at this point and that we are still adjusting small things here and there. Right now, the donation page is still missing as well as the one for our mirrors.

We hope there will be no interruption of service for the forum other than maybe an hour of downtime. We cannot guarantee that for the siduction mirrors, as we will inform them of the change as soon as it happens, but it could take a day or two for some of them to make the change. But that mirror downtime will not hurt your installs, you can dist-upgrade as you are used to, and you will catch up as soon as the mirrors are on the new URL. Thank you for your understanding!

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    1. No, unless you use directly. The mirrors should all be switched to the new domain.

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