KDE-Next Repository

Since KDE SC 4.7 transition ist still blocked in Debian, preventing 4.7.4 moving from experimental to unstable, this leaves unstable users with an unsatisfying KDE SC 4.6.5. For our first release, we had used the debian-qt-kde repository, which at the time had KDE SC 4.7.2. Soon after, KDE SC 4.7.4 got uploaded to experimental. Instead […]


Everything is frozen these days. The roads, the woods and lakes, and Debian…. But wait, not everything is frozen. KDE 4.9.5 was semi-officialy released by one of the busy bees in IRC channel #debian-qt-kde. He goes by the handle of Santa and was helped by drdanz. Thanks a lot, guys, Kudos to you. We have, […]